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Reggae Dancehall Artist
Zimbabwean born Zuluman knows no limits to reggae music.One of the early products of Transit crews artist school.Zuluman moved to Germany in the 90s and has since devloped himself to a true innovator of the music in Europe.The MTV award winning beats programmer currently on world tour his new album Protekshaan.
Sydney Salmon
Sydney Salmon is a one of the very few repatriated artist who has fought the odds to sucessfully spread reggae music across Ethiopia. His musical understanding is unmatched in this region as he has created a new identity not only for himself but for Ethiopian reggae as well. At the moment he and his Imperial Majestic band are promoting his new album The Ultimate Challenge.
I Wayne
I Wayne is an outstanding Jamaican Artist known for his dignified lyrics and clean Rastafari nature. As a well established artist I Wayne's music has found a special place in the hearts of all reggae music lovers.The hit maker from Portmore is belongs to Jamaicas musical elite.
Mystic Revealers
Billy Mystic and the Mystic Revealers are a reggae sensation from kingstone Jamaica. The once very sucessfull outfit has reunited to give fans a special treat of Authentic reggae.Recent years has seen Billy Mystic grooming young artist like Chronixx Proteje Jah9 Jessi Royal etc. These artists are also featured on the bands new album Crucial Cuts.
Mickey General
Mickey General is an unsusual artist who gain his vast expierance as a singer in England and Jamaica.Born in England he spent his teens with Jamaican soundSystems like Kilamamnjaro befor moving back to England to discover his spirituality. He is also know for his association with reggae star Luciano with whom he tour many countries thoughout the world.
Zim Totems
cultural group
Jah Bless Entertainer
Zimdancehall Artist
Ras Kelab
Zimdancehall Artist
Killa T
Zimdancehall Artist